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About Me


My name is Alex Boza, I am Engineer in Industrial Design and Product Designer who thinks how I can do things differently through the functional, formal and environmental design. I am a funny, curious and hard-worker guy who loves design, travel and outdoor sports. I have experience in start up companies where it’s so important to help each department and be proactive.

Travelling is the hobby which best defines me. I think is a way to open one’s mind and see how other people understand their lives in different ways, live new adventures, go to know other cultures and find inspiration around you. It is important to know all of this to tailor the products for specific markets.


Looking for new motivations and goals, I took part in EIT Climate-KIC Journey, where I had the possibility to work with people from around the globe in a entrepreneurial and hardworking environment. I expanded my professional background in related fields as entrepreneurship, sustanability and innovation.


What are my future objectives? I want to be a good leader designing and encouraging creative teams to develop innovative projects taking the functionality, the form, and environment specs into account. Inspire to innovate and change, it’s the way to survive in a long term.



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