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The 4th Industrial Revolution? The Artificial Intelligence.

The 4th Industrial Revolution? The Artificial Intelligence.

Robert Miles, a specialist in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) field says that AI is an optimization process and evolutive process learning from own experiences. But, rather than human evolution process, AI can make it faster and effectively.  More powerful intelligence is able to hit a smaller target in a largest space in less time and can make changes in a virtual way.

As it is known, the human being has been developing and producing building tools to reduce physical labor of all kinds, a Mechanical Muscles to evolve our societies and economies. At this stage, Can we ask ourselves if the brain can be also a mechanical muscle? YES. Mechanical robots minds are capable of decision-making, they are out-competing human for jobs in a way no pure mechanical muscle ever could. There is a really interesting video about this and explains the following example: “As mechanical muscles rushed horses out of the economy, mechanical minds will do the same to humans”. It’s a strong statement and some people disagree with that, but there is a stable explanation behind and facts.

As a society, we are living in a globalized world, where capitalism and big economies outweigh against everything, at the end all it’s about money. The economy always wins. Below there is a pie chart about business costs in the industry:

Companies can save a lot of money investing in robots and programming teaching bots avoiding recruiting staff. I am not saying that I agree with this type of practices, I am saying that these things are happening and soon enough that it’s going to be a huge problem if we are not prepared. It’s crazy that you can programme a bot to teach it itself. What does it mean? People can learn from their own experiences, robots or bots can learn from their own experiences and also from other bots. Imagine a network where bots are connected or these ones can access to other bots information. They can learn from other bots experiences and evolve fastly to avoid failing in their own errors and the eroors of others.


Is AI dangerous?


Another trendy and common fact which worries people is if this intelligence and these type of robots are dangerous for us. A most known statement and famous for the I, Robot movie, is “The Three Laws of Robotic” by Isaac Asimov.

The easiest way to solve this kind of security problems remains to add a big red stop button? No. A robot or an AIG will not allow to you to stop it because it wants to give you the thing that it’s programmed for. It is programmed for that, of course, you can hide the button and avoid the robot know about it, but. As Robert Miles says “Trying and learning about human psychology is important for the final goal: Understand humans in order to understand what humans want in order to do what humans want”. Laying the robot or AI about a system which can destroy or shut down themselves avoid AI learn from humans psychology.


One step further. 


Finally, related to this subject I want to talk about “Consciousness”, Why? For this:

Westworld, one of my favorites tv series inspired by the Westworld movie from 1973. I will not make you any type of spoiler, just watch it and comment me what do you think about Consciousness in AI.

Summing up, from my perspective, the 4th revolution industrial gonna happen and we have to be ready and understand that we will have to live together with this technology. What Darwin theory says? Adapt or die. As humans, we will have to adapt to this new environment and find by ourselves what is our distinction against this new environment.

To finish I want to share you this video, enjoy!.

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