EIT Climate-KIC Journey Experience
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The Climate-KIC Journey experience

The Climate-KIC Journey experience

A journey around Europe?; People from around the world?; Entrepreneurship environment and looking to reduce cliamte change?, I want to take part of this experience.

After one year working in the fashion industry as a product designer, I was driven by the need to find new challenges and experiences abroad. At this point, I started to search for a summer school and modules around European universities. Looking for something inspiring with an entrepreneurial background. Since I studied eco materials and eco design in my bachelor degree, I have been concern about how important is take into account these concepts in the design process. All these ingredients helped me to find the EIT Climate-KIC Journey, the EU’s main climate innovation initiative.

After applying all the files and documentation. I was selected for the final step, the interview process. More than 1200 applications for 300 places and after the interview. I had the bests news, I am gonna take part of The Journey.

The journey took part in two European cities: Two weeks in Limasol (Cyprus) and one week in Sofia (Bulgaria). The main purpose of this EIT Climate-KIC initiative is to take action. Moreover, it is the world’s largest climate innovation summer school and It brings together students and professionals from around the world. From validating an idea to understanding the market, structuring a business, and building a team, Climate-KIC gears you up for the world of climate entrepreneurship. Get the tools to make an impact on the global effort to find solutions to climate change, and become an entrepreneur.

On June 29th, thirty-seven students, professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world brought together in Limasol, Cyprus.  The first stage of the journey took place in the Cyprus Technological University. The moment to build up the teams and start to frame the challenges. To figure out this, the coaches used different techniques to evaluate the participant’s profiles and backgrounds to help us choose the best group. But at the end, every participant was free to choose the team and the challenge.

In my case, my results defined me like a “plant”. Basically, it means a creative person who generates lots of ideas. After this, I found a team where my profile and professional background suited the best and the challenge motivated me. At the beginning of the challenge process, where we had to frame a little bit more our challenge, I felt a little bit demotivated and dropped from the team because I bet for different ideas and challenges. I felt swimming against the current. However, the members of the team and the coaches helped me to find my own motivation in this process. One of the best personal things that I learned in this journey was to be patient, good things take time. With motivation and effort, you can reach everything you want it. After these first days and overcome this point I felt more than 100% motivated by the idea. The ideation process and our team worked like a family. People from three different countries, with a different point of views and different backgrounds working together for the same purpose, take action.

“I was joining the journey because I love to connect with like-minded people. It was an absolutely great experience in terms of what we achieved and also that we could build a strong networking that we can count in the future.”

I never expected travel to Cyprus and I was positively surprised by the people, the weather, and beautiful spots. It was really nice to finish the day going to the beach and chill with the other mates. From my perspective, a nice way to refresh ideas and clean the mind. It is important to work hard but also enjoy the experience and have fun.

After two amazing weeks in Limasol, The Journey moved to Sofia Tech Park in Sofia, Bulgaria to face the last week and the final pitch in front of the jury. I was impressed with the Sofia Tech Park facilities and infrastructures, 3d printers, a super computer or a climbing wall are some examples. It is a really inspiring place where technological start ups can grow easily.  I really liked Sofia, so many activities, nice spots, very kind people and cheap. But, as it is known, Bulgaria is one the poorest countries in UE and in Sofia you can see the both Sofias face to face, the innovative, modern and rich Sofia against the old and poor Sofia with plenty of abandoned buildings.


Sofia Tech Park

Finally, at the end of this amazing journey was the moment to present our ideas in front of the jury. Practice the pitch, ultimate the last details and finish astonishing presentations to impress the jury. It was wonderful saw it how our ideas grew during the journey and what was the result of three intensive working weeks. I felt really realized and pleasant with the results and the entire experience. Working with people from around the world, discovering new places, making new friends, be inspired or just be happy are some examples what this journey gave to me apart from new business and environmental knowledge. What was the best way to finish this? Spectacular concert in middle the Sofia Park with local bands, nice food, and beer. Cheers!

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