// Inception Headphones


BRIEF – Design and prototype on-ear headphones.

INSIGHT – Looking for a polygonal shape.

TASK – Find a balance between the polygonal shape and comfortability.

TIME – 2014 / 10 weeks

On ear headphones polygonal design.

Design and prototype on-ear headphones, looking for a balance between the shape and comfortability.

The city was chosen as the design playground. Concepts like urban culture, citizens mobility or smartcities are key elements.

About the potential user, habitants between 16 and 40 years old, who use headphones during thei daily lives. As examples, in the public transport or walking through the city.

References like futuristic transport, robots and polygonal shapes were part of the inspirational and sketching process.

To develop the form of the earphones, was intended to find futuristic and edgy lines breaking with the circular forms. Deeply, the main purpose was to achieve a balance between a polygonal shape and an organic form.