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// H&M Club


BRIEF – Develop an innovative project which combines digital experiences with physical interactions.

INSIGHT – How to provide a service capable to deal with omnichannel guests needs.

TASK – Provide an interactive mock up of the interface and spatial renders of the potential solution.

TIME – 2018 / 10 weeks

Be part of the ultimate omnichanel experience.

These shots are part of a new service design inspired by H&M to reserve products in the store. This is a project developed for my final Master’s Project focused on Digital Design and Interaction.

The service consists of a reservation system that provides to the customer the opportunity to touch and try the product in the store before buying it and avoiding wasting time in cue lines.

In these mockups and renders you can see:

New H&M app menu design.

Product reservation process. Overall view of the process to reserve a dress in-store.

Mini tutorial illustrated in a handmade style about the reservation process in-store.

The rewards App menu. Check your digital wardrobe, win prizes, play with friends and see the players ranking.

In-store intelligent wardrobe